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"Experienced Only" ARMED Security Officer $18 p/h


Plans and establishes adequate security procedures for company. Conducts physical security inspections to ensure the safety for employees, customers and vendors.

Essential Functions

· Secure main plant, offices, gates, lights and doors including, but not limited to fire doors
· Provide security of main money room through static post security and closed circuit TV monitors
· Conduct security rounds inside and outside
· Monitor main entrance and roads leading to property
· Question personnel on property to identify unauthorized personnel
· Basic first aid to patrons and / or employees
· Supply information to visiting guests as needed
· Conduct money escorts as needed

Secondary Functions

· Maintain communication with partner, dispatch and security via radio
· Monitor freezers and refrigeration units for correct temperatures
· Conduct emergency notification as needed
· Perform other duties as assigned by Management


· Former police, security or military experience preferred
· State Security Officer Certification Training, Class "D" and Class "G"
· Valid Florida drivers license
· Maintain annual service weapon qualification
· Working knowledge of operation of vehicles and layout
· Proper reporting procedures and knowledge of action procedures
· Basic security rules and regulations
· Ability to deal with crowds and communicate in a courteous and professional manner
· Able to investigate and report all safety and security violations on composed reports / documents
· Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills

Performance Standards

· Meet all regulations pertaining to health, safety and personal hygiene in accordance with City, State, and Federal laws
· Comply with Company / Department policies, including attendance
· Must not present a direct threat to health, safety or the welfare of fellow employees or others
· Treat all guests, vendors and employees with courtesy, respect, fairness and consistency
· Professional in appearance, grooming and behavior
· Ability to interpret and complete all communications received and submitted
· Respond in a timely manner to all guests and employees
· Must Meet State of Florida law to be licensed to carry a firearm; maintain a current Class "D" and Class "G" security officer license
· Annual qualification required with service weapon
· Mandatory Pari-Mutuel license to comply with the State of Florida, Department of Professional Regulations

Working Environment

· Potential extreme exposure to outdoor / indoor elements and air conditioning / heat
· Maximum walking, climbing, squatting, stooping, bending, kneeling and reaching
· Possible exposure to physical violence as normally encountered by safety / security personnel
· Exposure to exhaust fumes
· Potential to body fluid exposure
· Occasional lifting (average of 50lbs.)
· Flexible work schedule
· Overtime work on “as needed” basis

Machine / Equipment / Tools used

Computer, car, assigned weapons, radio communication equipment, multi-line telephone, fax machine, oxygen equipment, AED equipment and other safety equipment


Latex gloves, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation device, fire extinguisher, state-approved firearm and handcuffs

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